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Meet Jennifer W. | Allergy Nurse

Jennifer W. is our allergy nurse here at Texas Sinus & Snoring. She’s in charge of all allergy testing, immunotherapy mixing and allergy education. Jennifer studied at Anamarc Educational Institution for her LVN, she’s also certified in IV, ACLS, and PCLS.
Jennifer is not only a US Army Veteran, she also brings a rich experience to our team. She spent six years as a juvenile detention nurse, one year dermatology, eight years ENT and seven years allergy and allergy testing. Because of her background in ENT, you can also find her assisting day to day with the clinic when needed.
If you’re scheduled for an allergy test, you’re going to get to know Jennifer. She administers the tests on all patients, reads the test and determines if treatment is needed based on the results. From there she consults with Dr. Cilento on orders to start treatment.
If immunotherapy is right for you, she will formulate your drops. She also keeps track of all patients’ allergy testing and treatment. Jennifer cares greatly for our patients and the success of their immunotherapy treatment. She follows up with them every few months to see how things are going. Jennifer is our go to for staff and patient questions on allergy treatment and testing.
When Jennifer isn’t at Texas Sinus and Snoring with our patients, she’s at her ranch with her four kids and their three horses. She is very passionate about her family and her patients. She does everything 110%! It keeps her busy, but she wouldn’t want it any other way.

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