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With a Commitment to Comprehensive Care

At Texas Sinus & Snoring in Houston, TX our focus is on comprehensive care for our sinus, snoring, sleep apnea, hearing, and allergy patients. You'll hear us say this a lot, and it's not just something we say. It's something we take very seriously. We implement this idea into everything we do and every decision we make.

But what does comprehensive care really mean? Well, we want to share that with you.

In House Solutions

In House Solutions

CT Scans, Scopes, Hearing Tests and AAAASF Certified Surgery Center, right in our office.

In House Solutions

Technology & Advancements

Using the best technology and advancements in medicine for the betterment of our patients.

In House Solutions

Patients' Time & Health

Prioritizing our patients' time and health is our goal. Solutions and education is our passion.

Complete In House Solutions

There is nothing worse than feeling bad, going to the doctor, and then having to go several other offices to get scans, additional work ups, etc. Our goal at Texas Sinus & Snoring is to streamline the patient experience.

In House CT Scans and Scopes

In 2019 we started off with a CT machine, scope and state of the art surgery center in our office. Our goal was to help our patients reach a diagnosis in the first visit to our office.

AAAASF Certified Surgery Center in Our Office

In 2020 our surgery center became AAAASF certified. We also began to add comprehensive allergy testing and treatment options.

Take Home Sleep Studies

In 2021 we added in home sleep studies to help complete our sleep patient experience.

In Office Audiology Clinic

In 2022 we opened our in house full Audiology clinic, Texas Sinus & Snoring Hearing Centers. Now we're able to help patients with tinnitus, hearing loss, and hearing aids.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to complete in house solutions for our sinus specialists, snoring, sleep apnea, allergy and hearing patients is always changing and growing. Dr. Cilento and our team are always thinking about what would make the patient experience better.

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Best in Technology & Advancements

We’re always looking for the best technological solutions for our patients. Utilizing the latest evidence-based technologies and treatments, we work together to find personalized solutions to your sinus issues.

Years ago sinus surgery was a big surgery. Today, especially in our office, most of it is done endoscopically and is minimally invasive. We perform balloon sinuplasty which revolutionized sinus surgeries. We also offer eustachian tube dilation.

As a pioneer in Sleep surgery, Dr. Cilento was the first surgeon in Houston to train and use Inspire for Sleep Apnea. Inspire is a revolutionary implantable device that helps patients get rid of their CPAP for good.

If there’s a new solution for our patients, we’re doing our research to see if it’s a viable solution to add to our office.

We also search for the best technology in treatment options. This includes new, reliable at home sleep study machines. These are often less expensive for our clients than a traditional sleep study office. We get test results immediately. Most importantly it’s always easier for our patients to sleep at home.

In addition, we implement state of the art CT guidance technology and 3D mapping during surgery to make sure we have the safest most advanced surgical experience available.

Prioritize Patients' Time and Health

Our patient’s health is always a priority, our doctors have taken an oath about that. Our goal, is to get you healed. It doesn’t matter if you come in for sinus pressure, hearing issues, pain, snoring, allergies or a runny nose; we want to fix it. Our commitment to comprehensive care is a reflection of this priority.

Your time is valuable, we want to honor that. This is one of the reasons we strive to have everything we can possibly have right here in our office. CT scans, scopes and more can all be done on your first appointment if needed. Surgeries and treatments can be done right in our AAAASF certified surgery center. In some ways, we’re trying to change the face of medicine with this idea, and we’re not done.

We try to get every patient into their appointment on time. We admit, sometimes we fall behind. Sometimes Dr. Cilento needs to spend a little more time with a patient. But it is our goal every day to make sure patients are seen on time and get all their questions answered. Our clinical, administrative and billing teams work tirelessly to make sure your journey, as our patient, is as seamless as possible.

Prioritizing your time and health also means communicating with you. We’re here to answer questions. We’ve created patient education guides for most of our surgeries, treatments and procedures to better help you along the journey. Our team is always available to answer questions.

Our Service Area

We serve Houston, Spring, Tomball and the Woodlands in Texas with Sinus specialists treatments. We're conveniently located at 2940 FM 2920, Suite 100 in Spring, Texas. Patients are our priority. So, our level of care is exceptionally high, with glowing reviews left by many previous clients. Regardless of the issue you’re struggling with, our experienced team can help you.

Our Spring, TX Facility

After two decades of experience, Dr. Cilento set out to build the most state of the art Sinus specialists and snoring facility he could. We're thrilled to be able to offer our patients in office CT scans, scopes, surgeries, procedures and more.

Our Team

Without our team, we would just be a building. They are the life behind our Sinus specialists and snoring practice. Our Dr. Cilento and our PA are always looking out for our patients' best interests. Our clinical team makes sure patients are taken care of day in and day out. Our admin and billing teams keeps things running smoothly.

Texas Sinus & Snoring In The News

Houston's Channel 2 | Health Report

Texas Sinus & Snoring was recently covered on Houston's Channel 2 for our work with the revolutionary Inspire for sleep apnea. Health Reporter Hailey Hernandez came to our offices and interviewed Dr. Cilento and patient Kevin Snow from Hempstead, Texas.

Mr. Snow shares his experiences with sleep apnea, CPAP machine and most importantly how Inspire and Dr. Cilento helped cure him and give him a new look on life.

Click the video to the right to watch the whole story. For more information on Inspire, click here.

Great Day Houston | Deborah Duncan

Deborah Duncan of Great Day Houston visited our office to talk to Dr. Cilento and our patients about snoring, sinus issues and Inspire for Sleep Apnea. Bert and Fabi share their experience as husband and wife, dealing with sleep apnea.

Meet More of the Texas Sinus & Snoring Team

Our team is who we are, from the moment you call to your last post-op visit, we want to make sure you feel comfortable, secure and satisfied with your care and treatment of all your sinus and snoring issues.

Patient Education and Experiences

At Texas Sinus & Snoring we want to education our patients about what is happening in their bodies and what is causing their sinus and snoring issues. It's important that our patients understand their treatments as well as post operative care. This is why we've put together a collection of educational videos and patient testimonials over on our YouTube Channel. Want to know more about a balloon sinuplasty? Want to hear directly from one of our patients who's life has been changed by a simple procedure? The Texas Sinus & Snoring YouTube Channel is the place.

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