Inspire | Alternative to CPAP

No mask. No hose. Just sleep.

Inspire for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is the first and only FDA approved implantable device for treating OSA. It works from inside the patient’s body with their natural breathing.

Dr. Cilento is proud to be the first surgeon to offer this innovative, life changing technology to Spring, Houston and the Woodlands. He's also been recognized as a physician of excellence by the Inspire Institute.

The patient turns on and operates the Inspire sleep apnea device via a handheld remote. The remote allows the device to deliver a mild stimulation to key airway muscles. This helps keep the airway open while they sleep.

How Inspire Works

Inspire works inside your body while you sleep. Your surgeon performs a simple outpatient procedure to implant the device. When you're ready for bed, click the remote and turn Inspire on. A gentile pulse opens your airway while you are asleep. This allows you to breathe normally.

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Am I a Candidate

To be a candidate for Inspire for Obstructive Sleep Apnea, you must meet the following requirements:

- You are age 18 and above.
-You have been diagnosed with moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea.
-You are not significantly overweight.
-You are unable to benefit from or tolerate CPAP machines.
-You have concerns about sleep deprivation and lack of oxygen during sleep that may cause health risks.

Inspire Consultation

You will meet with Dr. Cilento in our Spring office for your consultation. During your consultation, your surgeon will:

-Review results from your sleep study (if you don't have a recent one, don't worry we offer in home sleep studies)

-Review sleep apnea severity and history

-Perform an examination of your airways

-Evaluate your overall health

Inspire Procedure

Inspire is placed just under the skin of the neck and chest during a short outpatient procedure under general anesthesia.

We will guide you through any restrictions after the procedure. After healing for one month your Inspire is turned on. We work with you to make sure all settings are correct and that you feel comfortable using it.

Texas Sinus & Snoring and Inspire on KPRC 2 Houston

Haley Hernandez, Health Reporter for KPRC Channel 2 Houston, came by our office to talk to talk to us about Inspire. Hear from Dr. Cilento and one of our patients about how Inspire is helping patients say goodbye to CPAP.

Dr. Cilento Recognized as Inspire Physician of Excellence

In 2022 Dr. Cilento was recognized as an Inspire Physician of Excellence by the Inspire Institute Excellence Committee! You can learn more about what this designation means by clicking the button below.

Inspire for Sleep Apnea Free Virtual Education Events

Join us for a free virtual educational event on Inspire with Dr. Cilento and an inspire patient. We hold these free online educational events almost every month. Click the link below to see our current event schedule.

Inspire Patient Reviews

Inspire sleep apnea has been clinically proven to help reduce sleep apnea events. Our patients repeatedly report how Inspire has changed their lives and their partners lives. Here's one of our patients, Mr. Snow, to talk about his expereince.

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Costs for Inspire for Obstructive Sleep Apnea

We get asked often, "Will insurance cover Inspire for Sleep Apnea." The answer is, most major insurance companies cover the procedure. However, some will only approve the therapy based on medical necessity. Patients can typically expect to pay the cost of any unmet deductible for the year, as well as any required copay/coinsurance fee for the procedure.

Our patient care coordinator will work with you to determine what costs will be covered by your insurance.

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