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Dr. Cilento specializes in treatment of sinus and snoring issues right here in Houston, Texas. Many issues such as headaches, snoring and facial pain can be traced right back to the sinuses. Board certification as an ENT and years of experience as a facial plastic surgeon makes him one of the best sinus surgeons in our area. Our staff is here to help you break the cycle and breathe.

Understanding Your Symptoms, Treatments and Options

It's important to us at Texas Sinus & Snoring that we not only treat your sinus issues, but also help you understand what is going on in your body and what each treatment entails. We hope you use our website as a resource to understanding your symptoms and treatment options. Please feel free to click any of the conditions above to learn more.

If you choose to see us and proceed with treatments, surgeries or procedures we will provide you with additional educational resources in office for you to fully understand your treatment here at Texas Sinus and Snoring. This is part of our commitment to comprehensive and compassionate ENT care.

When is it time to see an ENT?

Knowing when its time to see a specialist can be hard. If you’ve experience repeat sinus infections (more than once a year), significant nasal drainage, constant sinus pressure,  or frequent headaches, its time to see an ENT.

How to choose an ENT?

Choosing any specialty doctor can be difficult. We want to make your choice simple. Dr. Cilento’s experience as both an ENT and facial plastics surgeon makes him one of the best in Houston. When he built Texas Sinus & Snoring he wanted to focus on comprehensive and compassionate care. Our patients are our number one priority.

Ready to break the cycle and breathe?

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