Reviews from Our Patients

At Texas Sinus & Snoring we see patients from all over the greater Houston area. We love our patients and find great joy in witnessing an improvement in their day to day lives after seeing us for treatment. Its why we do what we do. Dr. Cilento sees patients of all ages. Here's what some of our patients have to say.

Sean Pendergast : SportsRadio

Sean Pendergast of SportsRadio 610 Houston speaks to his experience with Dr. Ben Cilento and Texas Sinus and Snoring in Spring, Texas. Sean had snoring issues and undiagnosed Sleep Apnea which was really affecting his quality of life. Reviews Dr. Cilento was able to help him with all of these issues.

Jayson Braddock : ESPN Radio

Jayson Braddock of Late Hits on ESPN Houston 97.5 FM speaks to his experience with Dr. Ben Cilento and Texas Sinus and Snoring in Spring, Texas. Jayson had previous sinus surgeries but it did not resolve his sinus pain, pressure, headaches, infections and light sensitivity. reviews It was Dr. Cilento's compassionate and personalized care that really stood out to Jayson.



"Dr. Cilento did a procedure on my daughter and he was so amazingly caring and meticulous with his work. He took the time to explain the procedure before and spent a significant amount of time explaining the outcome of the surgery and what to expect in the recovery stage. He was also checking on her daily……Wow, what an outstanding professional doctor. The end result of the surgery was beyond excellent. I would trust him to do any procedure on my face."

— Ghada S.

"Words are inadequate to express my gratitude to Dr. Cilento for my nose reconstruction. His skill is truly miraculous. I am so thankful surgery has restored my breathing, with a beautiful aesthetic result, that fits my face. Not to mention, he is such a likable, down-to-earth, awesome person. I'm a perfectionist, and there's no one else I would have entrusted with my complex surgery."

— Beth C.

"Dr. Ben Cilento is an extraordinary surgeon and overall healthcare provider. As a patient that had never had a surgery of any kind, his confidence, competence, and overall bedside manner put me at ease. Further, the results of the procedure were excellent, and his follow-up and genuine concern for post-op success were fantastic. I would highly recommend Dr. Cilento to anyone in need of an ENT."

— Matt P.

"Honestly best surgeon I could’ve gone to. He has such an attention to detail and because of his technique I had ZERO swelling. My family loved him so much that my mom is going to him for a similar procedure. I can finally breathe again thanks to my septoplasty and it makes a HUGE difference."

— Emily R.

"Dr. Cilento is an extraordinary dr. He has worked a miracle on my reconstruction. I had forgotten what being able to breathe through my nose was like & it’s a glorious feeling."

— Mary E.

"Dr. Cilento is caring and compassionate when it comes to his patients. He’s very attentive and will provide professional and efficient standards of service to meet your needs. The best at what he does, and his staff is wonderful as well!"

— Lena S.

"Dr. Cilento is a friend and colleague of mine that I am lucky to have. He has proven that when you put the patient's needs first, the best outcome is achieved. I am happy to have him in the community - what a resource!"

— Ed N.

"Best results ever! Dr. Cilento is meticulous, thorough, and caring. His staff is professional and friendly. I’m so glad I found him!"

— Colleen A.

"I worked with Dr. Cilento at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth and was also one of his patients. He is an extremely talented plastic surgeon and truly cares about his patients. I highly recommend him and his services."

— Brian H.

"I feel blessed to have found Dr. Cilento. From my first visit to fix a botched septoplasty to my now recent turbinate procedure, he has always been very attentive and knowledgeable. Never rushed and makes sure all my concerns are taken care of without judgment. I am currently recovering from the turbinate procedure without any issues...amazing how wonderful I feel. HIGHLY recommend him."

— Leslie K.

"I came in for a snoring issue and was diagnosed with sinus disease. I am very glad I came in when I did to correct the issue. Dr Cilento put me at ease explaining it was a simple procedure to correct the problem. - J.M."

— Leslie K.