What are sinus headaches?

To understand what a sinus headache is you must understand the sinuses themselves. Your sinuses are air filled spaces inside your forehead. They're also across the bridge of your nose, just under the eyes and just above your temples.
These air filled spaces can become inflamed or fill with mucus causing the channels not to drain. This causes a pressure build up in these areas of your face, also known as a sinus headache.

What causes the pain?

Acute or chronic sinusitis is typically the cause of sinus headache pain. If you have pain or pressure, its time to schedule an appointment with us at Texas Sinus and Snoring.

During your appointment we'll complete a physical exam and detailed health evaluation. This may include a CT scan of the sinuses. We may order allergy testing to try to get to the root of what is causing your sinus headaches. This kind of comprehensive care can help us diagnose the cause of your sinus headache pain.

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Seeing Your Sinus Headache Pain

Normal Sinuses

Normal sinuses, filled with air, show up on a CT scan as black. You can see fairly normal sinuses in the CT scan on the far left. 

Blocked Sinuses

When the membranes of your sinuses become inflamed, they start to block the nasal passages. You can see this in CT scans by the white area in the sinuses. The second CT scan shows slightly more blocked sinuses. The third shows even worse sinusitis. The last CT scan is an extreme case of sinusitis. 

How to Treat Sinus Headache

With any sinus issue its always important to drink plenty of water. Doing so helps to thin the mucus buildup. Many people also find relief from saline nasal washes. If you’ve never done a nasal wash before it can be intimidating. This is why we created nasal wash instructional video.
The best treatment for any sinus headache really depends on what is the cause. We can only determine this with a consultation and proper imaging. Lets break the sinus cycle together! Use the form to the right to contact us and we’ll reach out to you to schedule a consultation. We take most major insurance carriers and are a fully in-network facility.
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