Meet Our Clinical Team

Our clinical team is made up of the doctors, nurses, techs and support staff in the clinic. They are the folks taking your temperature, diagnosing your symptoms, listening to how you feel, answering your questions and putting in your perscriptions. Without each and every person on the clinical team Texas Sinus & Snoring would not be the facility our patients trust with their sinus, allergy and snoring issues.


Kaitlyn Free, Clinical Manager & Medical Assistant

Kaitlyn is in charge of our clinical team; she manages clinic operations and flow. She’s one of the first faces you’ll see right before seeing Dr. Cilento.

She has a Bachelors in Allied Health with minors in both Psychology and Human Resources from Texas A&M University and a Masters in Healthcare Administration from Texas Tech University. When she's not taking patient vitals and completing many tasks in our clinic she enjoys shopping and traveling.


Jennifer Wilson

Allergy Nurse

Jennifer is our allergy nurse here at Texas Sinus & Snoring. She’s in charge of all allergy testing, immunotherapy mixing and allergy educationJennifer studied at Anamarc Educational Institution for her LVN, she’s also certified in IV, ACLS, and PCLS.

Jenn L-sm

Jennifer Lopez

Medical Assistant

Jennifer holds a Medical Assistant Certificate and an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice. Around the office you can see Jennifer drawing blood, performing services for our medspa or helping out at the front desk at checkout. She is our referral coordinator and is often the person who calls to follow up on online inquiries. She’s also bilingual and helps with translations for our Spanish speaking patients. When she’s not at our office she enjoys being a mom to her 3 awesome kids.


Daniel Phelps

LMRT & Medical Assistant

Daniel is our resident LMRT which means he’s probably the person taking your CT scans and other medical assisting duties. He attended the College of Health Care Professions for Limited Medical Radiologic Technologist (X-ray technologist). Daniel grew up overseas spent childhood in the Philippines/Singapore and South America and still loves traveling.


William Sarniguet

Medical Scribe

William has a degree in biochemistry from BYU Idaho and is currently working on his application to PA school. William prepares patients notes, helps run the operating room, and scrubs during procedure days. You can expect to interact with William from your first visit all the way through post op care. He’s also bilingual and helps with translations for our Spanish speaking patients. When he's not at working with us he enjoys trail biking, college football and exercising.