Meet Our Clinical Team

Our clinical team is made up of the doctors, nurses, techs and support staff in the clinic. They are the folks taking your temperature, diagnosing your symptoms, listening to how you feel, answering your questions and putting in your perscriptions. Without each and every person on the clinical team Texas Sinus & Snoring would not be the facility our patients trust with their sinus, allergy and snoring issues.

Madison Browning PA Texas Sinus and Snoring

Madison Browning, PA-C, MPAS

Madison is our Physician Associate and you can find her all over the office performing a multitude of duties from helping with patient assessment to performing minor procedures like ClariFix and ear cleaning. She's also our resident Certified BioTE® Provider & Ideal Protein Medical Provider & Coach.

She comes to us from Georgia. She received her Bachelor's in Biology from The University of Georgia and her Masters in Physician Associate Studies from South University. When she’s not helping patients she enjoys finding new restaurants, tennis and hiking.

Kaitlyn Free, Clinical Manager

Kaitlyn is in charge of our clinical team; she manages clinic / surgical operations and flow.

She has a Bachelors in Allied Health with minors in both Psychology and Human Resources from Texas A&M University and a Masters in Healthcare Administration from Texas Tech University. When she’s not helping her team and clinic anywhere she can, she enjoys shopping and traveling.

Audiologist Spring Houston Texas

Carol Orsak, Clinical Audiologist & Hearing Aid Dispenser

Carol has practiced Audiology in ENT offices in Houston for more than 30 years. Together with Dr. Cilento and Dr. Allen, she helps diagnose auditory disorders, using specific testing equipment to evaluate the condition of the middle and inner ear. She truly loves practicing as an Audiologist, making positive changes in her patient's quality of life, and developing long-term relationships with them. 

Hearing affects every aspect of our lives including our overall physical and cognitive health. She believes education is key to the road to better hearing. She knows this from personal experience. She discovered she had a mild hearing-loss herself while practicing testing skills with her peers in graduate school.  Wearing hearing aids has helped her to thoroughly understand how the technology works and all the challenges her patient's face on a daily basis. 

Outside of my profession I enjoy camping, hiking, yoga and volunteering with the horticulture team at Memorial Park.    

Texas Sinus and Snoring

Kimberly Gonzalez


Texas Sinus and Snoring Team

Daniel Phelps

LMRT & Medical Assistant

Texas Sinus and Snoring

Andie Marmorato

RN & Clinical Assistant

TSS Houston

Kelley Good

Medical Assistant

Crystal Texas Sinus and Snoring

Crystal Avila

Medical Assistant