Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery

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Why Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery?

Do you find yourself experiencing difficulties with breathing or other nasal issues? Is there some self-consciousness about the appearance of your nose? Maybe it's time to consider rhinoplasty – a transformative surgical procedure tailored to enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of your nose.

Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Dr. Ben Cilento is widely known for being on of the best rhinoplasty surgeons. He trained with world famous rhinoplasty surgeon Dr. Calvin Johnson at Tulane University. Dr Johnson created the idea of “open structure rhinoplasty” and Dr Cilento has lectured extensively on this school of surgery which blends form and function. 

Dr Cilento performs primary rhinoplasty, teen rhinoplasty, ethnic rhinoplasty and even the most complex revision rhinoplasties. It is important when getting rhinoplasty nose surgery to make sure you have considered all the aspects of good nasal breathing before you tackle the shape of the nose (septo rhinoplasty).  He stresses form AND function to ensure the best possible outcome for both.

What is Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Rhinoplasty, commonly referred to as nose surgery, is a meticulous procedure aimed at reshaping the nose to achieve a harmonious balance with your facial features.

A rhinoplasty can change your nose, removing imperfections or simply making it more proportional with the rest of the face. The nose is one of the most predominant features of the human face. When someone is unhappy with their nose it's often the only thing they can see. We want to help with that.

Rhinoplasty is one of the original cosmetic surgeries, first performed in the United States in 1887. The surgery involves making incisions to access the underlying bone and cartilage. 

Depending on your goals, your surgeon may remove some bone and cartilage, or he may add tissue. Once he has altered the underlying structure of the nose, the skin and tissue is re-draped over the new structure.

Nose surgery is a delicate procedure, and our surgeons take great pride in their ability to give our patients the nose they’ve wanted. This procedure can really change a patient’s self image.

Whether you're seeking refinement of a nasal bump, correction of asymmetry, or improvement in breathing (septa rhinoplasty), rhinoplasty offers a personalized solution to address your unique concerns.

Septo Rhinoplasty

Septorhinoplasty combines the cosmetic goals of rhinoplasty with functional correction of a deviated septum. The septum is the thin wall of cartilage and bone that divides the nasal cavity into two nostrils. In some individuals, the septum may be deviated or crooked, leading to nasal obstruction, breathing difficulties, and even snoring or sleep apnea. 

Septorhinoplasty addresses both aesthetic concerns and functional issues by straightening the deviated septum while simultaneously reshaping the external appearance of the nose. This combined approach ensures not only an improved nasal appearance but also enhanced nasal airflow and breathing.

Goals of Rhinoplasty

Every nose is different. How you see your nose now, and how you want to see it is a huge part of the process of getting a rhinoplasty. Goals may include enhancing breathing performance as well as improving appearance. Rhinoplasty can involve modifying skin, cartilage, bone, or all three.

During rhinoplasty, your surgeon may attempt to do one or more of the following:

  • Modify the bridge
  • Open breathing passages
  • Reshape the tip
  • Remove a hump
  • Reshape or resize the nostrils
  • Repair an injury
  • Reshape or resize the nostrils
  • Increase or decrease size

If you are concerned about keeping ethnic traits of your nose while changing others, you may want to consider ethnic rhinoplasty.

How The Rhinoplasty Procedure Works

There are two methods to rhinoplasty: closed or open. During your consultation, your surgeon will discuss which method he believes fits your needs. This will be a joint decision.

In open rhinoplasty, your surgeon makes an incision across the columella, the sliver of tissue between your nostrils. The soft tissue is then lifted upward and off the bone and cartilage. The open method completely exposes the underlying structure, making more dramatic modifications possible. After your surgeon reshapes the bone or cartilage, the soft tissue is then brought back down.

In closed rhinoplasty, your surgeon will make all of the necessary incisions inside the nose. This method makes no visible scarring, but it can limit the extent of reshaping possible.

If your goal is to build up an area of the nose, your surgeon can take cartilage or other material from the septum, the ears, or a rib. Sometimes we use synthetic implants.

If you are looking to shrink the size of your nose, your surgeon may break the nasal bones.

How Much Is Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Rhinoplasty cost can vary significantly based on several factors, including the surgeon's experience and reputation, geographic location, the complexity of the procedure, facility fees, anesthesia fees, pre-operative tests, post-operative care, and any additional procedures or revisions required. 

On average, rhinoplasty cost in the United States typically ranges from $6,000 to $15,000.

Here is a breakdown of some of the factors that can influence the cost of rhinoplasty:

Surgeon's Experience and Reputation: Highly experienced and reputable plastic surgeons may charge higher fees for their expertise and skill. Surgeons with a track record of successful rhinoplasty outcomes and satisfied patients often command higher fees.

Complexity of the Procedure: The complexity of the rhinoplasty procedure plays a significant role in determining the cost. Procedures that require more extensive reshaping, reconstruction, or revision surgery may incur higher fees.

Facility Fees: The fees associated with the surgical facility where the procedure is performed can contribute to the overall cost of rhinoplasty. This includes the operating room fee, equipment usage fee, and any additional amenities provided by the facility.

Anesthesia Fees: The type of anesthesia used during rhinoplasty (local anesthesia, intravenous sedation, or general anesthesia) will affect the overall cost. Anesthesiologists or nurse anesthetists charge separate fees for their services.

Pre-operative Tests: Some surgeons may require pre-operative tests or evaluations to assess the patient's health status and suitability for surgery. These tests may include blood tests, imaging studies, or consultations with other specialists, and they can add to the overall cost.

Post-operative Care: The cost of post-operative care, including follow-up appointments, medications, and any necessary dressings or splints, should be factored into the total cost of rhinoplasty.

It's essential to discuss the total cost of rhinoplasty, including all associated fees and potential additional expenses, during the initial consultation with your plastic surgeon. 

Texas Sinus and Snoring offers financing options to help you manage the cost of rhinoplasty more effectively. 

Additionally, patient candidates should always select a qualified and experienced surgeon, like Dr. Cilento, who prioritizes safety, quality, and achieving optimal results over cost considerations alone.

Am I A Candidate For Rhinoplasty?

When a patient comes to us exploring the possibility of nose surgery, there are usually three main purposes: cosmetic issues, injury repair, or to improve function.


If a person feels their nose is too bulbous or there’s a bump on the bridge, it can be a real issue. Here are common aesthetic reasons patients seek to make some changes:

• Their nose is too big or too small.
• The nose droops downward.
• They have overly flared nostrils.
• The nose isn’t proportional with the rest of the face.
• There is a prominent bump on the bridge.
• The nose has a bulbous tip.
• The nose is too wide or flat.
• Their nose is crooked from a prior injury.


People often injure their nose, but don’t always opt to correct it. Things like touch football games or even bumping into a wall in a dark room can alter the look and the function. We can correct both the appearance and the function.


Some people are born with nasal passages that are too narrow. Restricted airflow can lead to snoring and even sleep apnea. Functional Rhinoplasty can open constricted airways and vastly improve breathing function.

Symptoms Indicating Rhinoplasty Consideration:

  • Nasal Obstruction: Do you often find yourself struggling to breathe through your nose? Persistent nasal congestion or obstruction can significantly impact your quality of life, hindering activities such as exercise or sleep. Rhinoplasty can correct structural abnormalities within the nose, such as a deviated septum, to alleviate these symptoms and enhance airflow.
  • Cosmetic Dissatisfaction: Are you dissatisfied with the appearance of your nose? Whether it's a prominent hump, disproportionate size, or asymmetry, aesthetic concerns about the nose can affect your confidence and self-esteem. Rhinoplasty offers the opportunity to sculpt a nose that aligns with your desired aesthetic goals, resulting in a more harmonious and proportionate facial profile.
  • Traumatic Injury: Have you experienced a nasal injury or trauma in the past? Accidents or sports injuries can alter the shape and function of the nose, leading to deformities or breathing difficulties. Rhinoplasty can address both cosmetic deformities and functional impairments resulting from trauma, restoring both form and function to the nose.


Rhinoplasty Results

A good rhinoplasty result can completely change a person’s image. The nose is the central and most prominent feature of the face. A well executed rhinoplasty will draw less attention to a person’s nose, not more. Many of our patients say after rhinoplasty they receive many compliments on their eyes. When the nose is less prominent, other features come to the foreground.

It is important for our patients to understand there is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ surgical result. Nowhere is this more evident than in rhinoplasty. As a patient, you should be very skeptical of any surgeon that promises perfection or treats the outcome as a foregone conclusion.

In skilled hands there is an excellent chance of success, however, rhinoplasty is one surgery in which there is an element of unpredictability. This is why the postoperative period is so critical, a time when the patient must adhere carefully to a strict regimen.

Rhinoplasty Risks

There are the general risks that accompany any surgery: anesthesia reaction, infection, bleeding, poor wound healing, scarring, and changes in skin sensation.

Specific to this procedure, the patient may have difficulty breathing, skin discoloration and continued swelling, possible perforation of the nasal septum, or unsatisfactory final results. If further changes are necessary, revision surgery may be an option.

Rhinoplasty Recovery Time

Immediate Post-Operative Period (First Week):

Part of our process is making sure you feel comfortable and prepared for post op.

Swelling and Bruising: Swelling and bruising around the nose and eyes are common immediately after surgery and typically peak within the first 48 hours. Cold compresses and prescribed medications can help alleviate discomfort and reduce swelling.

Nasal Packing or Splints: In some cases, nasal packing or splints may be placed inside the nose to support the newly shaped structures and minimize bleeding. These are usually removed within the first week.

Restricted Activities: It's essential to avoid strenuous activities, bending over, and lifting heavy objects during the initial days following surgery to prevent strain on the nose.

Why Consider Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery:

Rhinoplasty is not just about enhancing the appearance of your nose; it's about improving your overall well-being and confidence. By addressing both cosmetic and functional concerns, rhinoplasty offers a comprehensive solution tailored to your specific needs. With advancements in surgical techniques and technology, modern rhinoplasty procedures are safer, more precise, and yield natural-looking results.

Is Rhinoplasty Right for You?

If you find yourself experiencing one or more of the symptoms mentioned above, rhinoplasty may be the right choice for you. However, it's essential to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in rhinoplasty to discuss your goals, concerns, and expectations. A thorough evaluation will help determine whether rhinoplasty is the appropriate course of action to achieve the results you desire.

Take the Next Step:

Ready to take the next step towards a more confident and balanced facial appearance? Schedule a consultation with our experienced team to learn more about how rhinoplasty nose surgery can help you achieve your aesthetic and functional goals. We are committed to providing personalized care and exceptional results to enhance your overall well-being. Unlock the potential of your nose with rhinoplasty – where beauty meets functionality.

Dr. Cilento's History as a Sinus Doctor

Dr. Cilento is board certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology, Americas oldest medical specialty. He graduated at the top of his class with distinction in immunologic research from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City. He was inducted into the national medical honor society “Alpha Omega Alpha”. He did his residency at the University of Washington in Seattle where he studied under world class mentors in rhinology, head and neck surgery and facial plastic surgery.

After completing a residency and fellowship, Dr. Cilento spent nearly a decade treating our military men and women and teaching residents in the US Navy’s ENT program as a sinus doctor. He was a professor at both the Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS) and the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences (USUHS) in the department of ENT. During this time, he was in charge of surgical research for Naval Medical Center Portsmouth and focused on outcomes research and patient satisfaction and quality of life.

Dr. Cilento has lectured on diverse topics in rhinology and facial plastic surgery over two dozen times in 10 different countries. He has 10 peer reviewed scientific publications, physician education publications and book chapters. He is an active member of the American Rhinologic Society and maintains the highest standards of care.

He left a group practice in North Houston to pursue his own practice, Texas Sinus & Snoring. He dreamed of a specialized practice setting, in order to focus on more balanced state of the art patient care with a personal touch.

Philosophy of Sinus Doctor Care

Dr. Cilento has been working and living in the Woodlands, Texas since 2010. In that time, he has developed a reputation as a leading sinus doctor specialist for the full spectrum of sinus, nasal, and skull base problems. He is just as comfortable performing balloon sinuplasty as he is performing complex revision sinus surgery.

His warmth in patient interaction combined with unparalleled diagnostic and surgical skill have made him a major player in North Houston Rhinology for both patients and physicians alike. His overarching philosophy is to combine compassion with conscientiousness. If you alleviate a patient’s symptoms but fail to connect with them on a personal level then you have missed an opportunity to ‘heal’ human illness.

Being conscientious about treatment regimens is integral to a successful practice but without compassion a physician is simply a technician. Because of this, Dr. Cilento has always set the highest standards for both surgical skills and patient satisfaction in equal parts.

Dr. Cilento | Castle Connolly Top Doctor 2023

Doctors are asked, "Where would you go if you needed to be seen by another doctor?" This is how Castle Connolly Top Doctors are selected. They are nominated and voted on by their peers.

Dr. Cilento was awarded the great honor of  Castle Connolly Top Doctor in 2023 because of his deeper expertise of the head, neck and sinuses, commitment to high levels of patient care, and utilization of advanced diagnostic and treatment options (such as Inspire).

Dr. Cilento's Publications

Dr. Cilento has been published extensively in nationally recognized journals and books.
Follow links to some of the more important and informative publications.

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Dr. Cilento speaking with a patient in his plastic surgery clinic.
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"Dr. Cilento is by far the most talented surgeon and cares about his patients like his own family! His results are exceptional! I recommend him wholeheartedly! "


"Words are inadequate to express my gratitude to Dr. Cilento for my nose reconstruction. His skill is truly miraculous. I am so thankful surgery has restored my breathing, with a beautiful aesthetic result, that fits my face. Not to mention, he is such a likeable, down-to-earth, awesome person. I'm a perfectionist, and there's no one else I would have entrusted with my complex surgery."


"Dr. Ben Cilento is an extraordinary surgeon and overall healthcare provider. As a patient that had never had a surgery of any kind, his confidence, competence, and overall bedside manner put me at ease. Further, the results of the procedure were excellent, and his follow-up and genuine concern for post-op success were fantastic. I would highly recommend Dr. Cilento to anyone in need of an ENT."


"It took me 10 years to find a doctor I could trust for my nasal surgery. Exceptional doctor, exceptional staff. Answered all my questions, made me aware and comfortable in all that was done. I feel blessed that our paths crossed."


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