April Allergies in Houston

Get your antihistamines ready, April Allergies is a doozy for allergies in Houston! We're already seeing record high pollen levels this spring and April is going to live up to the expectations March set. It's not that anything is particularly heavy this month, it's just that everything is pollinating at once.

Seasonal allergies can lead to bigger problems like sinusitis (repeat sinus infections) or allergic rhinitis (constant runny nose). It's important to get them under control before they turn into a bigger problem. Antihistamines work, but can lose effectiveness over time and can cause other problems with long term use.

That's why we offer allergy treatment in our office. We test for over 50 allergens, no needles, no pricks. Once we learn what you are allergic to, we work together to get you on an immunotherapy plan. This helps cure your allergies over time.

If you're ready to break the cycle of seasonal April Allergies, call Texas Sinus & Snoring at 346-413-9313.

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