October Allergens in Houston

Fall allergies houston

October Allergies throws us into full blown fall allergies. Ragweed and Elm are the top culpurates for allergy symptoms this month. Ascomycetes and Cladosporium mold spores are also predominant. Good news is as it gets colder (and somewhat dryer) the mold spores will lessen.

Remember to shower before bed and wash sheets often. If you take allergy medicine, don't skip a day, consistency is key. Try to keep windows closed to reduce allergens in your home. Also don't forget to change your A/C filters regularly!


Expected Low Allergen Counts

Cedar, Oak, Nettle and Rumex

October Allergies

Expected Medium Allergen Counts

Bald Cypress, Sedge, Sagebrush and Amaranth


Expected Heavy Allergen Counts

Ascomycetes, Ragweed, Cladosporium, and Elm


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