Our Patients at Texas Sinus & Snoring

We've created this section of our website as a tool to help our patients along their journey to breaking the cycle of sinus infections, poor sleep and allergies. Our goal is to help you heal.

Below you'll find important videos and links about surgeries and recovery. These are an excellent resource to use along with the printed pre and post op guides you received during your pre op consultation.

As always if you have any questions or concerns about your procedure or surgery, just give us a call. We're here for you.


Learn More About Your Procedure

All of our procedure pages have been developed to be a resource for our patients. On each procedure page, you can find details about each procedure, videos and more.

Patient Portal : Secure Communication

Fill out paperwork, see results, view your appointment history or send us a secure message. Your patient portal is your resource for all secure communication.

Video Resources : Our YouTube Channel

Use our YouTube channel as a resource. You'll find helpful videos about symptoms, surgeries, our office, patient testimonials and post op care.

Helpful Post Operative Videos

Nasal Procedure Post Op Video

Proper Nasal Rinsing