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We’re excited to further our commitment to comprehensive care of the ears, nose and throat by adding audiology to our clinic! Now patients with hearing or balance issues can receive a hearing test right in our office in our audiology booth.

What happens during a hearing test?

Hearing tests are absolutely painless and non invasive. We do our hearing tests in our audiology booth right in our office. The booth works like noise reducing headphones. It keeps out ambient noises that might affect your hearing scores.

Your audiologist will use a series of different kinds of tests to check your hearing. During the pure-tone audiometry portion of the test you will hear tones at different pitches and volumes.

Another component of your hearing test might be speech audiometry. This part of the test evaluates the softest speech sounds you can hear and understand. You will repeat the words back to see if you’ve understood them.

How can an audiologist help me?

Our audiologist can perform detailed hearing test to better understand the scope of your hearing loss. In addition they can prescribe hearing aids or other hearing devices when needed. They can also help calibrate hearing devices and treating tinnitus.

Our audiologist works with our ENTs to help better understand your ears and hearing loss. If your loss is due to allergies, sinus issues, impacted ear wax or infections our ENTs or PA can assist with these issues as well.

Sometimes ear issues are complex, which is why at Texas Sinus and Snoring we want to have every available resource to help diagnose and treat your ear and hearing issues.

Why should I get a hearing test?

If you are older than 50, work in a high noise occupation or feel like you are not hearing as well as you used to, it’s probably time for a hearing test. Men are almost twice as likely as women to have hearing loss among adults aged 20-69.

In addition, hearing can change just like vision. If you have confirmed hearing loss it’s important to get your hearing checked once a year.

If you're experiencing ringing in your ears, you may be experiencing tinnitus. Our audiologist and ENTs can help diagnose and treat your tinnitus.

If you have hearing aids or other hearing devices, you should get them checked at least once a year too.

What does hearing have to do with my sinuses?

Your sinuses are located close to your ear canal. When they become infected due to sinusitis it can cause issues with your hearing as well. Your Eustachian tubes connect the middle of your ear to your throat. During a sinus infection they can become clogged. This prevents the fluid from moving properly. This can often cause hearing loss, pressure in your ears, hearing sounds like you are underwater or dizziness and balance issues.
The cause of your sinusitis could be allergies, bacteria, a deviated septum, or something else. A proper exam can help us get to the root of your sinusitis, hearing and balance issues.
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