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If you think you might need a hearing aid, we’re here to help. We want to get to know you so we can better understand how hearing problems may impact your day to day life. We’ll also perform a hearing test, the results from this test will help us make the best treatment recommendations. If your hearing test shows a permanent hearing loss, we may recommend hearing aids.

We can show you a variety of styles of hearing aids that meet your specific needs and lifestyles. We’ll be with you every step of the way, through your evaluation, hearing test, choosing what works best for you, fitting and adjustments.

You hear with your brain, not your ears.

Did you know you hear with your brain, not your ears? Both your ears work together to pick up sounds around you. Your ears convert sounds into nerve pulses that travel to your brain. These need as much sound detail as possible to turn these sounds into cognitive meaning. Your brain makes sense of sounds by matching them with stored sounds in your memory.

Studies have repeatedly shown that people with hearing loss have an increased risk of dementia. The good news: Wearing hearing aids can significantly reduce the risk of cognitive decline associated with hearing loss.

When you take care of your hearing health, you take care of your quality of life. According to Better Hearing, hearing loss can have both social and health care impacts. The health care impacts include things like falling, dementia, depression, and heart disease. The social impacts include memory, conversation loss, social isolations, and fatigue.

At Texas Sinus & Snoring, we're here for you, through the entire process.

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Oticon More™ Hearing Aids

Oticon More™ us a revolutionary hearing aid. It is the first to feature an on-board Deep Neural Network, trained on 12 million real-life sounds. This enables you to receive a more natural representation of listening. You benefit with improved speech understanding with less listening effort and the ability to remember more, even in noisy situations.

Oticon More™ lets you enjoy easy wireless connectivity to your favorite devices. You can enjoy direct streaming from iPhone®, iPad® and Android™ devices right to your hearing aids.

If you are looking for wireless charging, we can deliver. Oticon More miniRITE R is available in a discreet lithium–ion-based rechargeable solution. It can provide up to a full day of battery life, including streaming, after just three hours of charging.

Benefits of Hearing Aids | 5 Surprising Enhancements

Your Hearing Aid Fitting

After your evaluation and selecting your hearing aids our audiologist will program them. Similar to glasses, your hearing aid fitting is based on a prescription to meet your hearing needs. We will show you how to use them, how to put them in your ear, and how to remove them. You’ll also learn how to charge them and clean them.

Many patients feel an influx of emotions after putting in their hearing aids for the first time. We’re here to walk you through that process. We can make small adjustments to your hearing aids at your first fitting to make what your hearing feel more comfortable.

This is also your time to as any questions. We’re here to help you on this journey. If you’d feel more comfortable having a family member or friend come with you to your fitting we encourage this.

Remember your fitting is just the beginning of your journey. We can continue to customize your hearing experience over a few appointments if needed.

If may take some time to adjust to hearing all the sound you were missing. Studies have shown that people with a positive outlook do better with hearing aids. By working together we know we can make the transition an easy and exciting one. We’re here to help.

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