In Home Sleep Studies

The Data You Need, In the Comfort of Home

Time and time again we hear patients say they got their worst sleep in the sleep clinic during their sleep study. Texas Sinus and Snoring understand sleeping in a strange place isn’t for everyone. That’s why we’re so excited to offer in home sleep studies to our patients.

How Does A Home Sleep Study Work?

We’ll send you home with a device and complete instructions on how to set it up. The device includes a smart guide to help walk you through sensor placement. If you can put on a seatbelt, you can put on our home sleep study device.

As soon as the belt clicks into place, the device is turned on. The integrated connections within our device means no extra wires to wrangle.

Once the device is set up, you simply…go to sleep. The next day, return the device to us. We will collect the data and run your sleep study report.

Why Do I Need A Sleep Study?

Understanding what happens to you while you sleep can help us understand what’s going on inside your body. Our at home sleep study tracks your body position, air pressure flow, respiratory effort, wake up rate, oxygen saturation, pleth and pulse rate.

Not every patient needs a sleep study, and it is not always the first test we require of our sinus and snoring patients. It’s better for us to understand what is happening in your sinuses with a scope or CT before we understand how they are performing.

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What If I Already Have A Sleep Study?

If you’ve already undergone a sleep study, either in a clinic or at home, just have the report sent over to us. Often times we can use this study without any problems. However, if it’s too old, or if we need an additional study after a procedure like Inspire, you may need to do another sleep study.

Do I Have To Do An In Home Sleep Study?

The choice is your’s. At the end of the day, we just need the data. If you are more comfortable going into a sleep clinic you are welcome to do so. We can recommend several great sleep clinics.
It’s important to note that insurance coverage varies depending on your plan. We’re happy to help you find out what is covered.

If you prefer to do a home sleep study, we’re excited to have that option for you as well, right in our office. It’s all part of our goal of comprehensive in office care for our patients.