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What is Injection Snoreplasty?

Injection snoreplasty at Texas Sinus and Snoring in Spring, TX is a minimally invasive treatment for snoring that injects a hardening agent called sodium tetradecyl sulfate into the upper palate. As a result, the hardening agent creates a blister just in front of the uvula or the upper palate. When the blister hardens a few days later, it pulls the uvula forward to open up the airway and reduce snoring vibrations. The hardening agent then helps to reduce the volume and frequency of snoring. Injection snoreplasty may be repeated if desired results are not reached with the first injection.

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Are you or your partner snoring?

According to the National Sleep Foundation, snoring affects 90 million American adults. While snoring can be a harmless condition, it can also be a sign of serious health problems.
Snoring can also affect your partner. Your snoring can be completely harmless to you, but a partner who is loosing sleep because of regular sleep interruptions can experience health issues as well. There's good news though, Texas Sinus & Snoring in Spring, TX can help!
A loose or flimsy palate that vibrates during your sleep might be the cause of your snoring. For patients who want to treat their snoring issues, the injection snoreplasty procedure can help lessen and ultimately decrease snoring.
There are other causes of snoring as well. If you want to stop snoring, the best option is to make an appointment with us for a consultation. We are a fully in network facility and accept most major insurance carriers.

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Am I a Candidate for Snoring Treatment?

Generally speaking, injection snoreplasty is an option for patients whose snoring comes from vibrations in the upper palate, but does not qualify as sleep apnea. Dr. Cilento does not typically use this procedure to treat sleep apnea. Patients should speak with Dr. Cilento to see if injection snoreplasty is the right procedure for them.

Does Injection Snoreplasty Hurt?

Patients reported minimal discomfort after the procedure, which normally subsides within a few days to a week.

What is the cost of Injection Snoreplasty?

This procedure is a cost-effective option for patients who want a minimally invasive treatment for snoring.