How Can I Stop Snoring?

You might sleep great, but your partner has probably told you that they didn’t. If your loved ones hate sleeping in the same room as you when you’re on vacation, it may be time to look into snoring remedies. Keep reading to find out how you may be able to stop.

Weight Loss

People who are overweight are more likely to snore. Fatty tissue and poor muscle tone can contribute to snoring. Eating a healthy diet full of real foods and exercising regularly are the best ways to lose weight.

Sleep On One Side

You’re more likely to snore if you sleep on your back, which can cause the tongue to drop down to the back of the throat. This makes breathing harder and can cause the vibrations of snoring.

Sleeping on one side may allow the air to flow more smoothly, reducing those vibrations. This can either stop the sound of a snore or make it quieter.

Avoid Alcohol

Drinking a large amount of alcohol relaxes the throat muscles. When these muscles relax, they are more likely to vibrate as air passes over them. Skip the nightcap before bed and see if it reduces or stops your snoring.

Treat Allergies

Allergic reactions may lead to congestion and blocked airways. This can make your snoring worse. If its is caused by allergies or seasonal allergies, getting effective treatment can help. Try incorporating local honey into your diet to see if that helps lower your allergic reaction to pollen, for example. Or, over-the-counter medications can help control allergies from dust and other allergens.

Injection Snoreplasty

Injection snoreplasty is a minimally invasive treatment for snoring that involves injecting a hardening agent called sodium tetradecyl sulfate into the upper palate. When injected, this agent helps to reduce the volume and frequency of snoring. How? The hardening agent, once injected, creates a blister just in front of the uvula or the upper palate. The blister hardens a few days later, and it pulls the uvula forward to open up the airway and reduce vibrations that lead to snoring.

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