Oral Appliances for Snoring & Sleep Apnea

Oral appliances are a helpful solution for some patients when it comes to snoring and sleep apnea. At Texas Sinus & Snoring in Spring, Texas we use SomnoGuard® oral appliances for our patients. If you're wondering if an oral appliance might be the solution for your snoring or sleep apnea, an appointment is the first step. You can click the link below to request your appointment online, or keep scrolling to learn more about oral appliances.

Oral Appliances, Snoring & Sleep Apnea

Oral Appliances, Snoreplasty, Inspire Sleep Therapy, Balloon Sinuplasty and others are all tools we use at Texas Sinus & Snoring to help you break the cycle of snoring and OSA and breathe. Having multiple solutions all in house is part of our commitment to comprehensive care. We know each of our patients are unique and one solution may not work for every patient. Once we have evaluated your case, we can decide together if the SomnoGuard® is right for you.

Oral Appliance Fitting Houston TX

What are SomnoGuard® Oral Appliances?

SomnoGuard® Oral Appliances are a proven therapy option for the treatment of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). They are also called mandibular advancement devices. SomnoGuard® devices are made of a thermoplastic material. When heated in a hot water bath the material softens and is custom fit to the patient.

How do oral appliances work to treat sleep apnea and snoring?

SomnoGuard® oral appliances help advance the lower jaw and tongue, thus opening up the upper airways. It helps keep the soft tissue and the muscles of the upper airways tight. The vibration of the soft palate and uvula (which is what causes the snoring sound) is reduced and in the best cases, prevented entirely.

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What are the benefits of an oral appliance?

  • Clinically proven effectiveness with snoring and OSA
  • Easy and fast fitting
  • Portable
  • Can be combined with other solutions
  • Secure fit
  • Fit can be easily adjusted
Oral device for snoring