What Is Allergy Immunotherapy?

After an allergy test is complete and we find out what you are allergic to, we can begin allergy immunotherapy. Allergy immunotherapy is a long term allergy treatment that helps decrease the body’s allergic response to seasonal allergens. By serving up regular, tiny doses of the things you are allergic to in shot, drop or pill form you can build up your body’s immunity to these things. Essentially you’re training your body to be less sensitive to the things it finds offensive such as grass and tree pollen.

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Allergy Drops

Allergy drops are a kind of sublingual immunotherapy and what we offer here at Texas Sinus & Snoring. Its allergy treatment for your seasonal allergies. After your allergy test we create allergy drops specific to your triggered allergens. You take these drops home and administer them according to the schedule prescribed. Typically you will take them daily under the tongue. This will help your body get used to the allergen and decrease allergy symptoms over time.
Allergy Immunotherapy gives you tiny doses of what your body finds offensive. We give these doses regularly over a period of 8-36 months. This will help your body change the way it responds to allergens over time and trains it to eventually become used to them.
We reformulate the drops every 6 weeks to build resistance to the allergy. Sublingual drops have very low risks of reactions or anaphylaxis.

Allergy Shots

You will receive allergy shots in clinic by a nurse. You will need to receive allergy shots at least once to twice a week. They are usually still formulated by the clinic but stay at the clinic for treatment.
Shots do have a higher risk for reactions and anaphylaxis. We do not offer allergy shots in our clinic at this time. However, we refer out to two specialists that will administer the injections for our patients

What Does Allergy Immunotherapy Cost?

Allergy Immunotherapy drops contain 10 allergens per vial, with an average cost of $150 every 6 weeks. That is less than allergy shots and equivalent to $25 a week. You can also take allergy drops in the convenience of your own home.

Unfortunately your Allergy Immunotherapy drops are not covered under most insurance plans. Our billing department is happy to work with you to find out your specific insurance plan's coverage.

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