Tips For Surviving Seasonal Allergies in Houston

Allergy Season Tip

Check out these handy tips to help survive allergy season in Houston. You don’t have to live with seasonal allergies. A simple allergy test can tell you what you are allergic to. Then allergy shots or drops can help cure you of your seasonal allergies.   If you are ready to break the cycle of…

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How to Clean Your Ears Safely

cleaning your ears

Do you know the best and safest way to clean your ears? Have you ever heard of the saying, “Never put anything in your ears smaller than your elbow?” Many of us have heard ENTs, Primary Care Doctors, and audiologist say this while convincing you to not use cotton swabs or ear candling. Your ears…

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5 Ways to Keep Sinuses Healthy in the Winter

winter sinus health

While most Houston allergies are at bay in the winter, our sinuses still take a beating. Cold weather stimulates nerves within the nasal cavities. This cause swelling, congestion, and mucous production in an attempt to maintain warm and humid airflow. With Houston’s varying winter temperatures, our sinuses can get pretty confused. Some allergens are still…

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Three Ways to Give This Holiday Season

3 ways to give in spring tx

This holiday season we’ve partnered with our neighbors Butterfly Medspa & Wellness and Get Physical Rx to offer 3 ways to give back this holiday season. Choose from our food drive, angel tree or blood drive. Bonus, when you give, you get $5 off any service or product in January at Butterfly Medspa & Wellness! It’s Butterfly’s…

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How do Houston allergies affect sinuses?

Allergy Testing Spring Texas Texas Sinus and Snoring Houston Allergies

Houston allergies are intense. We have some of the highest pollen counts in the nation. This includes tree pollens in the Spring, grass pollens in the Summer, and weed pollens in the Fall. Our short Winter season means we see early Spring allergy symptoms without much of a break from Fall allergies.   When you’re…

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Houston Texas Freeze and Your Sinuses

Your Sinuses Home heat has a tendency to dry everything out. Have you noticed more static electricity? It’s partially due to the heat in your home. The heat can also dry out your sinuses and skin. The increased cold temperatures can trigger rhinitis (runny nose) and cough.   The back and forth cold and hot…

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Smell and Taste Deficits from Sinusitis

Mmmmmm.  My belly is full, I’m lying on the couch and reliving dinner last night- mainly the wonderful spread of different deserts.  The thought reminds me of my grandmother when I was growing up who would always bake the most extravagant pies for Thanksgiving.  On the day after Thanksgiving, she would let us eat whatever…

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