7 Signs You May Need Shot for Seasonal Allergies

seasonal-allergies treatment

Seasonal allergies, also known as hay fever or allergic rhinitis, affect millions of individuals worldwide, causing discomfort and limiting their ability to fully embrace the changing seasons. As spring brings vibrant blooms and summer fills the air with warmth, many people with allergies face the unwelcome arrival of seasonal allergy symptoms. The prevalence of allergic…

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Allergy Shots: A Complete Guide to Immunotherapy for Seasonal Allergies

Immunotherapy for Seasonal Allergies

Spring should mark a wonderful change in seasons. However, more than 50 million Americans find the changing season troublesome due to some form of allergies. This blog will dive into the best way to protect your health during allergy season, using allergy shots that work as immunotherapy for seasonal allergies. How Allergy Shots Work Unlike…

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5 Ways to Keep Sinuses Healthy in the Winter

winter sinus health

While most Houston allergies are at bay in the winter, our sinuses still take a beating. Cold weather stimulates nerves within the nasal cavities. This cause swelling, congestion, and mucous production in an attempt to maintain warm and humid airflow. With Houston’s varying winter temperatures, our sinuses can get pretty confused. Some allergens are still…

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How do Houston allergies affect sinuses?

Allergy Testing Spring Texas Texas Sinus and Snoring Houston Allergies

Houston allergies are intense. We have some of the highest pollen counts in the nation. This includes tree pollens in the Spring, grass pollens in the Summer, and weed pollens in the Fall. Our short Winter season means we see early Spring allergy symptoms without much of a break from Fall allergies.   When you’re…

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May Allergies in Houston

Houston allergies may

New month, new potential seasonal allergies in Houston. Historically nearly everything is active in May, some allergens more than others. Remember to shower after extended time outside, do regular nasal washes and take your allergy meds. If you’re ready to break the cycle of seasonal allergies, we can help! Through a consultation, allergy testing and…

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April Allergies in Houston

allergies houston allergies april allergies houston

Get your antihistamines ready, April is a doozy for allergies in Houston! We’re already seeing record high pollen levels this spring and April is going to live up to the expectations March set. It’s not that anything is particularly heavy this month, it’s just that everything is pollinating at once. Seasonal allergies can lead to…

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March Allergies in Houston

Monthly Allergy Guide March

We all know allergens in Houston are active nearly year round. If there had to be one month where they all get together for a giant allergen party it’s March (though May is a close second). If you’ve had an allergy test you know which allergens your body finds offensive. If they’re on the March…

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Houston Texas Freeze and Your Sinuses

Houston Texas Freeze and Sinuses

Your Sinuses Home heat has a tendency to dry everything out. Have you noticed more static electricity? It’s partially due to the heat in your home. The heat can also dry out your sinuses and skin. The increased cold temperatures can trigger rhinitis (runny nose) and cough.   The back and forth cold and hot…

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February 2021 Houston Allergies

Monthly Allergy Guide-FEB

February Allergies in Houston are sort of the ramp up to full on spring allergy season. Our weather greatly determines what blooms when. Sometimes we have an early spring, sometimes we have a late spring. Here’s what you can expect from February allergens.

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November Allergies in Houston

November Houston Allergies

Ragweed still reigns supreme this month for Houston seasonal allergies! A few others have joined the party like cedar, aster and pine. Remember if your allergy test showed you are sensitive to any of these allergens it’s important to take some extra precautions to help protect yourself. shower before bed wash sheets regularly change AC…

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